In case of a thunderstorm

In case of a thunderstorm, act as follows:

1. Do not use an umbrella.

2. Do not seek shelter under a tree.

3. Look for cover if the staff warns you of any thunderstorms. Move indoors or into a car if you have one available. On a golf course that is rarely the case.

4. If you are in an open area, squat down. This is the only way to take shelter in the middle of the golf course if the storm is directly overhead.

5. Leave all golf clubs and trolleys behind.

6. Avoid high ground as lightning may strike.

7. Also avoid moving next to the water’s edge. Water conducts electricity.

8. Warn other players if they ignore the thunder and continue playing.

9. Discontinue any tournament in case of thunder. You should remember that any game must be interrupted immediately. Even if lightnings are only visible several kilometres away, a lightning may strike from any part of a single cloud formation.

10. Remain patiently in a safe position until the thunder has surely passed.

Sources: Finnish Meteorological Institute and Finnish Golf Union